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-4. one of the huge reason for the surprise start, the defense, who were those imposters in raider uniforms today? chip's team put up the defense. already up 14-3. over dj, fell down, easy catch, cooper, 53 yards, 21-3 eagles. but, the raider comes back. jennings to make it 21-10 on the 8-yard score and then before the end of the 1st half, the eagles pack it on. plenty of time to find them wide open. 4 touchdown pass, eagles leading 28-13 at the break. davis could not believe his eyes. any type of raider comeback would be without mcfadden. now, jackson falls down. 6th touchdown pass. jason start for defense being gutted by the 24-year-old record-setting day. the 7th touchdown pass. that is 7, it ties an nfl record. 49-20 and oakland falls 3-5. >> i felt comfortable. i don't know. [dropped audio ] we had a bad day. all right. it happens. it happens to everybody. you go out and have a bad day. you don't know what you are capable of doing, that is what happens. at the end of the day it was an old fashioned butt whooping. >> 7 touchdowns in a road game the first since eisenhower was in
option and against the league's worst run defense easy pickings. frank gore, 19 yard run. two touchdowns for gore. later in the first, this time on a keeper for kaepernick. he gets to the pylon and 14- 049ers. give me the trademark kiss to the biceps. one more kaepernick read option before halftime. he ran 54 yards and accounted for three total touchdowns. the 49ers ran, it was 35-10 fourth quarter. patrick willis stripped the ball, and scuda goes for the touchdown. they are 6-2 and jacksonville falls to 0-8. >> it was an amazing experience for our players and me personally. the beginning of the game when they were playing the two national anthems, i felt like i was at the olympics. as a youngster i always wanted to be at the olympics. i really got a chill when that guy was singing god save the queen. >> jason campbell getting the start for cleveland trying to hand the chiefs their first loss, did not happen. alec smith to dexter mccluster 28 yard touchdown. have a zip on that baby. two touchdowns today for alex. he did not throw an interception. chiefs win 23-17. they are undefeated at
just down 5. okay. but in the end, the defense just couldn't hold arizona. bj14-yard run, close but not enough. 33-28. bears now one in eight for the year. >>> san jose state made it five in a row. 34-24 in sin city against unlv. they are 4-1 in the conference, big day on the ground for jared lawson who had 187 yards and a touchdown. >>> to golf, fred couples staring it down today at the charles schwab cup. third round harding park, kenny perry in position for the champions points lead and the million-dollar schwab prize just got to hold off bernhard langer to take that. freddie couples looking for the first one of the season. got a comfortable five stroke lead. when you hit shots like that you see why. mark o'mara in second place, peter senior in third. crowd pleasing. at harding park. i think the three of us here at the desk could make that shot. >> oh, yeah. >> >>> thoroughbred racing in prime time. a peek at next year's stars came in the breeders' cup this afternoon. featured race, what else would you call it? the classic. >> and mucho macho man has taken the lead! as they
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3